Why You Should Become an AI Citizen

3 min readNov 26, 2021
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To begin, AI is not merely a science fiction entertainment concept to be used as a plot device in movies and books. It is a field being researched extensively daily. For those aware of AI’s potential, the question is not “why should I care?” but rather “how much would not caring cost me?” In a nutshell, here is why you should care about AI:

1. Job Opportunity:

The ongoing AI race already demonstrates what nations think of AI. A $16 trillion market is unfolding. New arms races and intense technological innovation competition are some of the emerging issues that the rise of AI will birth among countries. To help their cause, governments would be requiring individuals and businesses with relevant skills. On an individual note, this represents a massive opportunity. The impact of AI on jobs is also not one to be considered lightly as major job changes will happen as an estimated 800 million jobs will be automated by AI over the next decade with a projected 133 million new ones created. Caring about AI is no longer a matter of simple interest. It is one that will have a significant impact on the economic power of an individual to easily afford the required basic needs of food, clothing, and shelter.

2. AI is Inevitable:

Without a trace of doubt, AI is inevitable. Many post- apocalyptic science fiction works imagine the post-apocalypse world as a place without necessities such as electricity. To the viewer, the scenario is unimaginable because of how central electricity is to daily life. Having to live without it is unthinkable. AI is working its way to becoming what electricity is to human life today. Future science fiction works will imagine scenarios where civilization loses the ability to book plane tickets through AI assistants. Like us today, society will think of such living conditions as simply impossible to cope with. It only takes losing something to realize what how crucial that thing is. AI will play that sort of enormous role in the future.

3. The Future is here:




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